The transmission is made up of a number of moving parts and gears and in order for them to be able to perform effectively, they need to be well lubricated with transmission fluid. When this fluid moves around the engine it collects debris and other waste which after a long period pollutes the liquid. Eventually, the fluid will collect so much grime and debris that it will cause it to turn into sludge. When sludge runs through your engine it can adhere to the transmission gear which will cause shifting problems.
Contaminated transmission fluid can cause a lot of problems, whether you have a manual, manual or semi-automatic. The dirty fluid can create a grinding noise when shifting, so if you hear this noise it’s time to call us at Automotive Super Center.
 The thicker fluid can also cause a drop in hydraulic power, similar to the problems caused by not having enough fluid in the transmission system. Finally, old transmission fluid can cause a delay in vehicle movement or a sudden surging of the vehicle. When transmission fluid cannot flow through the gears easily, the car itself has trouble moving safely.
 A transmission fluid flush removes the degraded fluid, which cleans the entire transmission of contaminants, sludge, and debris. Finally, they replace the old fluid with premium transmission fluid.