When we think of auto repairs, we usually think of crucial parts of the vehicle that are necessary to keep the car running. Considering the amount of people on the road in California, it’s also crucial that the brake and lamp lights of the car are in working condition as well. Most accidents that occur involve more than just one vehicle, and a process is in place to cut down on the risk of accidents. The California brake and lamp inspection process ensures that cars in the state are not just road ready, but also road safe.

What is a Brake and Lamp Inspection?
The state of California legally recognizes the importance of properly working break and lamp lights. The inspection runs through a vehicle’s ability to properly feature some of the most crucial elements of car when involved in an accident. A break and lamp inspection is required in the state of California when a car is changing hands via retitling. This also includes vehicles that have been involved in a car accident, or reported stolen. The California DMV requires the inspection by a State Licensed Inspection Station to ensure the vehicle is still up to safety standards. After a theft or accident, the car’s capabilities may be hindered, and for the safety of all, the inspection ensures nothing is out of the ordinary.

What Happens During the Inspection?
During inspection, a Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.) licensed brake and lamp technician checks to see if the lights in a vehicle are working properly. This includes a visual check of all lights, as well as a measurement of the projected light coming from the headlights. This also includes checking the brake lights, turn signals, and clearance lights to make sure they are in working condition. Upon inspection, a 90-day certificate is given to the owner for proof of passage to the DMV.

Where to Get a Break and Lamp Inspection
The team at Advanced Auto Care can assist you in achieving proof of a break and lamp inspection. The licensed team of car technicians can put your car through the process quickly and efficiently to ensure that everything is working and get you back on the road. If things need replacing to pass the inspection, the Advanced Auto Care team can also get you the parts you need.