State Brake & Lamp Inspections Vista


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Advanced Auto can perform your California State Brake and Lamp Inspections on most vehicles in the Vista area.

A State Brake and Lamp inspection may be needed for several reasons. The most common being, registration of a salvaged vehicle, clearance of an enforcement document (a fix-it ticket), or inspections required by the state for certain vehicles such as ambulance and taxis.

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During the lighting portion of the inspection the vehicle’s lighting system is inspected for the correct equipment as well as its functionality. All of the original equipment lighting that was installed at the factory must be functioning properly and have no cracked or missing lenses or fixtures. Any aftermarket light fixtures installed on the vehicle must be DOT approved. Not only must all of the originally installed exterior lights function but the interior lights must work as well; such as the high beam indicator, turn signal indicator, and the dash illumination lights.

The brake portion of the test involves removing all of the vehicle’s wheels for a thorough brake inspection. Once the wheels are removed the brake pads and shoes are inspected for thickness. The linings need to be above 1/32” for bonded linings and 1/64” or more for riveted linings to pass. All of the rotors and drums are measured for thickness and need to meet or exceed manufacturer’s minimum thickness specifications. The hydraulic system is also inspected for any fluid leaks or cracked or abraded hoses or lines. Any major safety concerns will also cause a failure such as: tires showing cords, worn ball joints and other suspension components.

After your vehicle is inspected and passed a separate brake and lamp certificate is issued and you are on your way! Should your vehicle need any brake repair or light repair, Walker’s Automotive is ready to serve you and perform any brake repairs or light repairs you may need on your vehicle.

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