When your automatic car changes gear, it should be almost unnoticeable. This is because there are many complicated machinery and computers controlling everything that your car does to make it a smooth operation. If you notice any signs that this is not working correctly, you should get your vehicle looked at straight away. If your car’s gear changes experience grinding, or it continues to grind and shake once it is in gear, then you might have a problem with your transmission.

An automatic transmission can be more expensive to repair than the engine, so do not ignore any warning signs. Depending on what the issue is, you can make things worse by continuing to drive.

The transmission in an automatic car produces more heat than in a manual car. One of the most common causes of problems in an automatic transmission is with the transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is a lubricant that runs through the transmission protecting it from damage. It stops the gears from grinding together. So if you hear a grinding sound, the transmission fluid in your transmission may no longer be doing this.  Your fluid levels might be too low or, you might need to change the transmission fluid completely.

As well as lubricating the transmission, the fluid also keeps everything cool. Without the proper levels of transmission fluid, enough heat can be generated to melt steel. However, if your fluid levels are too low or the liquid has too much debris in it, then it might not be cooling the transmission properly. This can lead to the shaking sensation you might be feeling while in gear.

Why Does Transmission Fluid Need Replacing?

In the course of doing its job, the fluid in your transmission can become filled with debris. This residue in the fluid can become a source of friction. With the added friction, the liquid is less able to lubricate the gear. As a result, it is also less effective at cooling. When this happens, it is necessary to replace the transmission fluid fully.

If you don’t replace the transmission fluid once it has gone bad, then you are risking your whole transmission. It can be expensive to replace your transmission fluid, but it is a whole lot more costly to replace your transmission, so don’t put it off.

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