In the past, changing out the mechanical fuel pump of a car was no big deal. More often than not, the devices were mounted to the engine block or head. Hence, shade tree, and professional mechanics alike, could complete the job in no time flat. They merely had to remove a few bolts and take off a line. Then, the individuals simply replaced the defective unit. Of course, this passage probably leaves the task sounding easier than it actually was, but still, when compared to replacing the fuel pumps of today, the old process was much more straightforward. 

Why? Well, now, the majority of electric fuel pumps are located in the gas tanks of vehicles. Repairing or replacing the item can prove to be quite challenging, especially if the worker doesn’t have years of experience under his or her belt. Not to mention, the entire ordeal can become time-consuming and difficult if the person does not have the correct equipment or tools. 

Vista and surrounding area residents don’t have to fight with fuel pump replacement alone, though. Rather, they can take their vehicles to Advanced Auto Care to get the affordable, reliable, friendly, and professional service that they deserve. Allow our team to take care of your auto repair needs and get you back on the road again in the blink of an eye. Now, let’s switch gears a little bit and discuss a couple of reasons why persons may want to avoid DIY fuel pump replacement. 

Replacing An Electric Fuel Pump Can Be Dangerous

Cars don’t always give their owners advanced warning before something goes out, including the fuel pump. Instead, the unit can malfunction quickly, and right after, the individual topped his or her tank. In most cases, excluding trucks, as their beds can be removed, the gas tank has to be dropped to get to the fuel pump on the top side. If a person isn’t careful, gasoline could ignite via a drop light or spark from something else, which means an explosion and fire will occur. So, if for nothing else, leave this job up to the professionals to keep yourself safely out of harm’s way. 

Do-It-Yourself Projects Sometimes Leave A Bad Taste In A Person’s Mouth

Let’s say that a vehicle owner believes that he or she did everything right during the fuel pump replacement. Thus, they put all of the pieces back together and get ready to take the car for a spin, only to discover that they forgot to plug a sensor in or let a line on the top side of the tank get crimped. After all of that hard work, they will have to start over again, which can be quite discouraging. Consider letting a mechanic handle the job and keep your self-esteem intact. 

At Advanced Auto we are here to help you with any repair and keep your car safe and on the road.