Smog test help to limit the excess pollution and dangerous fumes from encompassing the air we all breathe, but sometimes they can be a hassle. While we all know they help to keep things greener, it can be a headache trying to figure out why your car failed a smog check.

What Happens if I Fail?

When you fail any sort of emissions test, the DMV cannot allow your car to be on the road, meaning your license plate will be invalid and driving could cost you dearly. Without a vehicle that can pass a smog test, you will not get plates registered, so that means until you find what’s holding you back, you are subject to fixing whatever problem your car is having.

What Might Be Wrong with My Car?

At the end of the day, only a professional mechanic can identify what exactly it is that’s causing your vehicle to fail a smog test, but if you want a bit of a clue or insight into the issue ahead of your appointment, these are the most common issues you find with failed smog tests.

EVAP Defects

Defects in the evaporative emission control system (EVAP) are likely what is causing your car to emit more emissions than legally allowed. If a car’s EVAP system is not up to standard, your car is releasing an unhealthy amount of gasoline vapors from your tank. While this isn’t a threat to your immediate safety, the EVAP system ensures your car is not polluting the atmosphere more than deemed acceptable. The leak isn’t always from your tank, and may be a case of leaking hoses and vents. Finding this on your own is tough, so make sure a mechanic sees your car to ensure they find the leak and get you back behind the wheel.

Dirty Air Filter

It sounds like a quick fix, but a dirty air filter can be the small detail holding you back from passing a smog check. High levels of chemicals can clog and damage your air filter, and if it has not been replaced in awhile, it may have been damaging and clogging other parts of your car as well. A mechanic is able to tell you whether or not your filter can be cleaned, or needs a full replacement.

 Take your car in immediately to Advanced Auto Care Vista after a failed smog check to find the problem and get back on the road. Their experts help identify the issue, and make the quick fix!