The benefits of a regular oil change can be rather significant to any car owner but yet many people neglect or ignore this until it’s too late. Changing your oil regularly is important for the maintenance of the engine and the performance of the car itself. In addition to the positive effect on performance, an oil and filter change can also improve fuel efficiency while benefitting the environment. In this article, we look at some of the major benefits of a regular oil service and the recommended intervals.

When Should I Change My Car Oil And Filter?

Things have changed in recent years as it used to be normal to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Today, thanks to modern lubricants, most engines have recommended oil change intervals of 5,000 up to 10,000 miles. It gets even better if your car uses full-synthetic oil where you can go as far as 15,000 miles between oil services. Regardless of what you drive, whether it’s a Honda, Ford, Kia, BMW or Bentley, you need to change your oil and filter regularly and ideally at the same time.

Whilst not all garages are the same, most will offer an oil change as part of a normal car service. At Elite Garages, both our standard and premium services include changing the oil and replacing the oil filter. During an oil service, our expert technicians will also check for any signs of visible oil leaks, report their findings and if work is required, they’ll provide a no-obligation quote.

Benefits Of A Regular Oil Change

There are quite a few benefits of a regular oil change with the added bonus of being able to identify any minor issues before they become serious or dangerous. Many people don’t fully understand the benefits of regularly changing the oil so we’ve highlighted a few below.

Improved Performance And Fuel Efficiency

As a motorist, you want your car to perform to the best of its ability and fresh, clean oil and a new oil filter can make all the difference. Replacing old oil will keep your engine lubricated to ensure your car runs smoothly and at its maximum potential. Old and dirty oil can severely impact performance levels not to mention clog up the engine.

It’s true that various conditions and driving habits contribute to mileage but fresh oil can also have an effect. Without proper car care and a regular oil change, dirt and grit will build up causing friction inside your engine. Oil lubricates the engine to reduce friction on all related components and if everything works better, you’ll use less fuel. Put simply, an engine with less friction will achieve optimum performance and mileage as there is reduced stress on the engine.

Keeps Engine Clean And Increases The Life Span

Regularly changing the oil helps keep your engine clean as it lubricates the engine and collects residue that has accumulated over time. During this process, the residue is removed with the oil through the oil filter so it’s vital to remove the old oil and replace the filter to avoid additional build-up.

Proper car care not only involves regular services, alignment, tire checks and MOTs but also a regular oil and filter change. In some cases, it can even increase your engine life by up to three years! That’s great news, especially if you don’t drive your car all that often.

The truth is, there is no set rule about when you should replace your engine oil or the filter as it depends on several factors. This includes driving habits, engine age, the type of previous engine oil and mileage. However, one thing remains crystal clear; you can’t ignore it as this will only make things worse. If you need to schedule an appointment for getting an oil change, give us a call today Advanced Auto Care -Vista