Will New Spark Plugs And Wires Improve Performance? The short answer is Yes, when you replace the spark plugs and wires can increase your vehicle’s performance. 

New spark plugs help keep your engine at its peak performance and efficiency levels. Of course, every vehicle on the road will misfire from time to time. But as those misfires get more and more frequent, they also get more troublesome. Frequent misfires mean increased exhaust emissions, wasted gas and reduced power. Misfires caused by worn spark plugs will cause older vehicles to buck, stall, run rough or start slow.

New spark plugs can significantly improve cold starting. Worn or dirty spark plugs require higher voltage to get a strong enough spark to start a vehicle. By the time you’ve cranked the engine umpteen times hoping for an eventual start, you just might have run your battery dead. Now, you’ve got two problems. Keeping your vehicle stocked with a good set of spark plugs instead means lesser voltage requirements on your ignition system, which decreases the chances of a misfire and leaves more amps for the starter and injectors.

So how should you choose your spark plugs?

If your car is deemed ‘high-performance’ from factory, it’s not necessary to change to a different type of spark plug because the manufacturer will have already fitted the most appropriate type. If, however, your car has since had its engine modified resulting in a changed overall compression ratio, you’ll need to look at changing from stock spark plugs. 

Things that need to be considered when selecting a new type of spark plug; 

  • Will they survive the added stress and heat generated by your engine
  • Do they achieve the desired piston-to-plug clearance
  • Will they efficiently remove heat generated by your engine
  • Will they light all the air/fuel mixture by providing efficient spark

 Bottom line, when it comes to slacking on replacing your old spark plugs, its “pay a little now or a lot later.” We at Advanced Auto Care -Vista, would advise you dig out your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for timely car spark plug or truck spark plug changes. If you have any questions give us a call today!